Why “Grizzly Spectacles”?

This is my first post, although I’ll hopefully have another one up soon.

I’ll just start by quickly outlining what I hope to accomplish and why I call it “Grizzly Spectacles.”

What am I trying to do?

I’ve always wanted to do something “writing” related, but I never really followed that goal.  Like most aspirants, I developed a big backlog of stories and poems that were never submitted, much less published.

With a little free time between finishing grad school and starting work, I decided now was the time to stop wishing and wanting.  So I am submitting old work to clear out my backlog, starting new work, and hopefully (one day) getting some measure of personal satisfaction through recognition.

Why call it “Grizzly Spectacles”?

First, because my wife likes bears, the picture adorable, and the title is sort of catchy.

Second, because its an invitation to watch someone (me) try something, but with no guarantee that he will succeed.  I’m certainly not already established and I’ve got no “tried-and-true” information to offer you.  So, this endeavor has the very real potential of turning into a continual train-wreck that you can watch unfold post-by-post.  And that, indeed, would be a grizzly spectacle.

Thirdly, my literary interests are primarily poetry of all types and horror fiction.  To capture these somewhat disparate tastes, I thought “grizzly” implied the horror element and that “spectacles” conjures up the image of a librarian gazing down from her copy of Milton and over her glasses to *shush* a group of children.

Because, really, what is poetry if not the soul-sucking domain of schoolmarms?



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