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One of the things I’d like to do is use this blog to bring some more attention to of my literary loves: poetry and horror. (If you like funny stuff and don’t mind that my dog wrote it, check out the [Dr. Sauce]( blog for that stuff.) As much as I’d love to put only my own writing up, there are two primary reasons that I won’t being doing much of that:

1. Many literary reviews consider posting a writing online to be “publication.” Since most of them want previously unpublished work, posting new things here would disqualify them from consideration.[^1]
2. I don’t have that much.

Please note that above list is not necessarily in order of importance.

Therefore, I think I’m going to do some “reviews” (more like *impressions*) of works by other authors. I definitely have some established authors in mind, but I’d also like to start doing some other, less well known ones that I think should get more exposure. In theory, I’ll try to use ones who have work that I can link to, so that you can follow along.

As a general starting wish list, a couple I’d really like to do are:

* [Thomas Ligotti](
* [Phillip Larkin](
* [Rebecca Lindenberg](
* [Robert Lowell]( – Pretty specifically “[Fall 1961](,” which always sticks in my mind for some reason that hopefully I can discover.

I didn’t realize until I wrote that list that everyone’s last name begins with an “L.” How odd and unintentional.

Anyway, there’ll also obviously be more to come.[^3] There are also plenty of worthy authors in the public domain, so maybe I’ll dig some of those up.

If you have thoughts on these authors as I progress, or if you have requests or you’d like to contribute, feel free to buzz in![^2]

[^1]: This is why [“King Devil Weeds”](, which was in my slush pile, and [“Letters”](, which was posted on the “post-your-own” site [Language is a Virus]( (although I can’t find it there now), are on here.

[^2]: Caveat lector – I’m not a trained critic, nor even a very astute individual. In fact, I’m can so *not astute* that one time I fell down a cave-**true story**. I’ll do my damnedest, but that’s all I can promise.

[^3]: If you’re going to **buy** any books, I’d really recommend Ligotti and Lindenberg. I think they’re champs, but they’re also still alive so you’ll actually be supporting them. (Ligotti is frequently being reissued in small press, so check [here](, too.)

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