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I’ve been remiss in not updating this blog with more about what’s been going on in my own nascent writing.

Well, after a string of rejections for my poetry I was feeling a bit down. In a haze that only long hours at work, short hours at home, and a few too many beers can bring, I wrote a fan email to [Laird Barron], a writer whom I greatly admire.

In addition to being very gracious, he also pointed me towards the website [Duotrope], of which I had been completely unaware. If you don’t know of it, its a great database that tracks what seems like at lest 1.23 million different publishing markets. It has lots of fantastic features that I’ll leave you to figure out, but it’s a damn sight easier to search through that a copy of The Writer’s Market.

Anyway, signing up and tracking my submissions provided a much-needed boost of determination. It also helped me find new markets that I think are better suited to some of the work I was looking to place.

*In any event, after a month or so of re-dedication to writing and submitting, I now have poems coming up in the December issue of [Danse Macabre] and in [the Rusty Nail] (date TBD).*

That’s pretty exciting and it definitely provides me with the impetus to keep going. I have a number of other submissions out to some cool places and, with the holiday coming up, I’ll hopefully have some time to start digging into some other projects that I’ve been poking away at.

[Laird Barron]: http://lairdbarron.wordpress.com

[Duotrope]: http://www.duotrope.com

[Danse Macabre]:http://www.dansemacabreonline.com

[the Rusty Nail]: http://www.rustynailmag.com/

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