Undertow Publishing – Apparitions 2

I recently got 2 issues of the “low-key horror” journal Shadows & Tall Trees. I’ve begun reading them and really liked them so far (I’ll do a more in-depth impression later on).

However, Michael Kelly (the editor and also author) has an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funding for a collection “Apparitions 2.” I have great faith in Mr. Kelly as an editor and can’t wait for the book.

As is the wont with these types of campaigns, the perks you get for donations can serve as a draw if you don’t know enough about the people behind the project to donate based on that alone. That being said, for even a modest contribution you can receive back issues of Shadows & Tall Trees for about what it would cost you to order them anyway. This would, in fact, be the best possible way to for you to shore up your collection and help ensure that more good stuff keeps coming.

If you have any interest in horror and/or helping out small publishing, I whole heartedly recommend that you donate.

The IndieGoGo campaign for Apparitions 2 is [here]. You have 55 days, so get cracking!

[here]: http://igg.me/p/243875?a=1796621

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