Merry Christmas Eve! (Oh, and Thomas Ligotti, too)

Merry Christmas Eve Day!

As an early present, I give you a link to Grim Blogger’s excellent review of Thomas Ligotti’s “Christmas Eves with Aunt Elise: A Tale of Possession in Old Grosse Point.”

Aside from being seasonally appropriate, this review does an excellent job of really unpacking the tale. I’ll admit that I used to think of this story as very un-Ligotti, but Grim Blogger does a fantastic job of peeling away some of the trappings (wrappings?) and revealing the vast (Ligottian) darkness at its core. It really is a fantastic review that makes me appreciate the story in a whole new light.

Of course, if you don’t have a copy of Songs of a Dead Dreamer (the anthology in which it appears), it’s never too late to buy yourself a Christmas present.

Happy Holidays!

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