In a finishing mood

So, last weekend I decided to take advantage of [Dark Regions Press’s] great weekend sale to get [“Cold to the Touch” by Simon Stranzas].  I’d been meaning to get it and getting an email telling me it was on sale was the straw that broke the camel’s back (and ripped its shattered spine out and hit me in the face with it).

However, now that I’ve received the shipping email, I realize that I have at least 8 books sitting around here that I’ve been meaning to finish.  While supporting literature and the printed word is certainly worth supporting, it dawns on me now that I should really finish some of these.

Not only that, but I have 1 story on the computer, 1 on a legal pad, 1 on the typewriter roller, and another in the drawer that are all 25 – 85% done.  I keep meaning to finish these (and I would have it weren’t for work . . . right?).

So, now I am in a finishing mood.  Which means no more starting new things until I clear out some of this backlog.

I’m going to write up my thoughts on the books as I finish them and keep you posted on those stories.  The updates will not come at regular intervals, depending mainly on how much I have left in any given project and how much motivated I am to finish it.


[Dark Regions Press’s]: http://www.darkregions.com

[“Cold to the Touch” by Simon Stranzas]: http://www.darkregions.com/books/cold-to-the-touch-by-simon-strantzas

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