Another Poem at “Curio Poetry”

Exciting and unbeknownst to me, I have another poem published in Issue 10 of the great journal Curio Poetry.  You can find my poem “Keen Observations of a Flake of Obsidian in the Anthropology Lab” here.

The title might be almost as long as the poem itself.

Curio’s aim is to find poetry of the moment.  The poem of mine which they selected sprung almost fully formed from into the margins of my notebooks during a Freshman anthropology lecture back in 2001 or 2002.  Since then I tried revising it and changing it, but most of the tweaks made it worse.  Like knapping a real blade of flint or volcanic glass, it turns our that this poem really only needed one well-placed blow to finds its cutting form and then a few minor adjustments for to get the right hand-holds.

Too much tampering would have broken it.  It just took me a decade to figure out how to leave it be.


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