Another Publication . . . this time in print!

I was lucky enough to hear from the Haikoologan (a nom de editing, I’m sure) over at Parody Poetry Journal.  They’ve selected one of my poems entitled “Lines on a Used Book” for their April 1st issue!

I’m quite happy, but I’ll admit I didn’t expect it.  I had another one that I thought was better and really just included “Used Book” to round out the submission.  However, apparently they preferred that one, so who am I to disagree?  I’m pleased to be able to show of my lighter side (speaking of which, have you checked out my **FLASHES OF GENIUS** page yet?  It’s up on the menu bar and it’s usually more humorous that serious).

Anyway, “Used Book” is a ABAB rhyming ekphrastic poem about the personal joys and social perils of buying a used book (not the physical perils, like buying a book that has crabs; nobody has written that poem yet).  It’s another poem that has been around a while, but never quite got the polish it needed.

Actually, I worked through a lot of variants on this one poem.  But there was one line that had the right number of syllables, but the flow just wasn’t right.  The meter was sticking and it acted like a speed bump, making the whole thing clunk out right as the momentum had built almost to the crest, after which it would race into the satirical denouement.

Looking back, that one goddam line just sat there, metrically blocking me for ages.  However, as I was pasting the poem into the body of the email, I had an epiphany.  A change of two words, and all of the sudden momentum was restored!  It rolled off the tongue like a new language, not the stilted hokum it had been before.

So I’m pleased it’s getting published, but I’m super pleased that I could fix the damn thing.  Now that I’m clearing out this old stuff, however, I just need to keep writing more.

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