Happy National Nap Day!

In honor of National Napping Day, I thought I’d share some nap-related limericks that I’ve written over the years. I can’t explain why there is a Biblical undertone to some of them, nor why the nap is such a long-standing thematic preoccupation, but enjoy.

Old ones (ca. 2005? 2007?)

If I were to name my most favoritest trap,
Laid by an angel, I would tap the nap.
For it’s only bad news
If it turns into a snooze,
Or a slumber or siesta or . . .zzzzz. Crap.

As I drift my downy way down into sleep,
I pray to God that I go, but not too deep.
Lord, just give me a nap,
I know You’ve got one on tap,
A Good Shepherd is faster than sheep.

New for Napping Day 2013

Through the vagaries of career and happenstance,
People often ask if I’ve changed my napping stance.
But although I work day and night,
I’d be out like a light
If my boss walked away and I had half-a-chance.

I, having long studied the Dream Country map,
crossed the border using the shibboleth “NAP.”
And though I’d no currency,
I’d also no urgency.
My fellow sleepers would look after this chap.

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