New poem up at Sein Und Werden!

I have another poem up today at this quarter’s issue of Sein Und Werden. You can see it here!

Sein Und Werden’s theme this time around is “Exquisite Corpse,” and from the looks of it this issue’s contributors have fully mined that fertile vein.

My own poem is from an ongoing project of mine called the Geneva Conversations. It started out as a musing on what it would be like to have a system of rules to guide and restrain the daily battles with others, our selves, and our memories. In it, I use the name and loose thematic guide of articles from the various Geneva Conventions to spur a more conversational, free-associational and reflective/confessional series of poems than usual. As you can see, the process itself is a bit of an exquisite corpse, as I let different parts of my brain find inspiration in different pieces and ten cobble it all together.

I have another one from this series out for consideration (and I have a much more formalistic series of exercises I’m working on), but I couldn’t be happier than to debut the first piece of the Geneva Conversations here in Sein Und Werden.

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