October 1st to 4th – Music, Writing, Talking, Reading

October 1st

First up, remember how I said my wife and I used to celebrate our “dating anniversary” on October 31st?  How it coincided with a Misfits Halloween show?  Well, here’s something else we also bonded over:  Danzig’s “Mother ’93” video.

Here’s a fun game to play:  Get drunk with a couple of friends and decide which “Danzig” best represents each person’s personality.  “Are you a Carrie or a Samantha?” FUCK THAT.  Instead, ask yourself: Are you ‘Shirtless, Mutton-Chop Danzig’ (Aggressive, Overly-Compensatingly Macho)?  Are you ‘Mesh-Vest, Permed-Devil-lock Danzig’ (Metrosexual, Sensitive)?  What is a Black-Leather-Vest Danzig even doing here?

Questions, questions, questions.

October 2nd

So you like horror fiction.  Enough to sit down, tap a vein, and start writing your own.  But where can you send it?  What literary markets are, well, dark enough to take it?

Lucky you, you have the fine folks at Dark Markets to tell you!  It’s a well-detailed listing of magazines, anthologies, websites, and publishers looking for your fiction!

I know Duotrope is great and all, but a lot of markets on Duotrope say they’re looking for Horror even when they aren’t really.  A lot of spec fic markets just tag Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror but have much more specific tastes that exclude most actual horror.  Other markets tag EVERYTHING because they consider themselves general fiction and, again, don’t actual want horror.  Dark Markets, however, has done part of the work for you and identified those markets actually looking for horror.

Now, you just have to write the story . . .

October 3rd

I have a dog and she’s (mostly) pretty ok.  You know what else is great? This story, “The Gaze Dogs of Nine Waterfalls.”  It’s another gem by Australian horror writer, Kaaron Warren.

And, in case literacy scares you, that link above is to a podcast.  So, yeah, go listen.

October 4th

It seems like everybody is getting on the Laird Barron train recently and, honestly, it’s about time.  What’s that you say?  You haven’t read any of his books?  Well, my friend, as a special deal, his new collection of stories “The Beautiful Thing That Awaits us All” is a Kindle special this month – only two bucks!!  It’s a great deal.  You can read more about it on Laird’s blog or just go over to Amazon and get it.

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