October – 31 days of Horror (in installments)

It’s October!  Which is my favorite month of the year, for many reasons.  In no particular order, they are:

1) My wife and I celebrate our “dating anniversary” on October 31st (coinciding with a Misfits concert and lots of fake blood and fishnets . . . god, was that . . . 12 years ago?  11?)

2) Halloween!

3) Lots of horror movies played on TV and on up on PPV

4) Candy!

5) Halloween!

6) The weather is finally cool enough that I can: a) wear jeans without sweating, 2) sleep without the A/C on.

There’s a lot more, but those are some representative reasons.  So, in order to celebrate October, I’m going to try to identify 31 things (October, Halloween, or horror related) that I think are worth recommending.  It’ll be shorter and quicker than my other reviews, but why not right?

Now, that’s one per day but I probably can’t update the blog every day (it turns out that having a career is the real horror!), so there might be some days with multiple entries.

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