“Like, like, produces like, okay?” – 360 words

It’s called ‘sympathetic magic,’ and if you can’t understand that, then you’re stupider than Charlene.  I read a lot of articles, so I probably know more than you, but you can totally Wikipedia it on your phone.  Look for, like, the part on ‘similarity and contagion.’

I’m not like other girls at school, just so you know.  The women in my family have what my mum calls The Gift.  She’s the one that told me about this.

What?  This.  This ritual.

Are you serious?

Okay, see, the doll represents a baby.  Why?  Because I want a baby, of course. I’ll be a great mum.  And it’s in the garden, surrounded by seeds and plants, which are growing, because I want a baby to grow, you know, inside me.  Then I just concentrate on it every day.  You know, really focus on it, make it become reality.

Who?  Probably Colin.  Or maybe Chris.  Whichever.

Of course this works.  Jesus, you sound just like Charlene.  I know it works because this is how my mum had me.  I told you, we have The Gift.

You know, this is why I don’t talk to Charlene anymore.  She and I came back here after Chelsea’s party.  I knew mum would be out, so we could hit the liquor cabinet, maybe have a smoke out here in the garden.  And maybe I was feeling too open, you know, because I told Charlene what I just told you.  I explained the whole process.

But she didn’t get it.

“Don’t you worry,” Charlene said.  You know how she talks, right, with that vocal fry?  Yeah, vocal fry.  Look it up.  Anyway, she said “Don’t you worry that with those beer cans and cigarette butts in the garden that it’ll have some kind of, like, effect?”

And then she said, and this is the part, she said “I mean, you know, if it was real?”

‘If it’s real?’  What an idiot.

She doesn’t understand at all.  I mean, of course it’s real.  This is magic, this is real life.  Things don’t just happen on accident, you have to mean for them to happen before they do, you know?


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