“Praise be to the Master, all knowledge comes from him” – 159 words

“And what, students, is this?” Pulling back the corpse’s parchment skin, the Master pointed to the vertebra.

“The ajbu adh-dhanab,” the students whispered. “The resurrection bone.”

With deft motions, the Master severed the cartilage and withered roots of nerves. He twisted the ajbu adh-dhanab from its setting and placed it like a pink almond upon the table. “But what is it, truly?”

“It is the most precious bone.”

“It cannot be burned or broken.”

“It is the seed of life after death.”

The Master’s anatomy hammer smashed down, chipping the bone and scattering pieces across the marble floor.

“Here is something more precious than life after death.”

The Master removed his fez and lay on the table next to the cadaver. His assistant stood above and lightly placed the thin, fine blade between the Master’s brows.

“Wait,” cried a pupil.

But at the first incision, such a golden light poured forth that all fell silent and averted their eyes.


Originally posted at Flash! Friday Vol. 2-4.

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