Review of Shadows & Tall Trees No. 6 at Hellnotes

Jeebus, I’ve been terrible about keeping this updated!

In the off-season I’ve fallen way behind on anything that isn’t my day job, but I’ve done some good stuff here and there.  For example, I won a Flash! Friday challenge and did the obligatory 60-Seconds interview.  I’m also continuing to read for Kraken Press and am very pleased with some of the novels we’ve pulled out of the slush.  (In particular, keep your eyes peeled for Leah Erickson’s novel The Gilded Lynx.  It’s a change of pace, but it really is amazing and was the first thing in the slush to ever grab me.  When I first began reading I wondered, How will I know if something is good?  Well, trust me, guys and gals, you’ll know good when you read it and her writing is that kind of good. Check some out Leah’s stuff here and here.)

Most recently, however, I’ve gotten back on the content-creation waging and I’ve started a side-line gig doing reviews over at Hellnotes.  Hellnotes has a lot of great reviews and interviews, some fun Horror-in-a-Hundred features, and is filled with enough insightful commentary on a broad array of horror-related topics that you’re sure to find something for any taste.

Anyway, my first review is up now HERE!!  It’s a review of Undertow Publications’ Shadows & Tall Trees No. 6.  It’s no secret that S&TT was one of my first introductions to the small- and independent-press dark fiction, so I’m a long time fan and this volume continues the excellence that I’ve come to expect and enjoy in Michael Kelly’s work.

Check out the review over at Hellnotes and then maybe catch up on S&TT back issues, too.

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