Father’s Day

After my father passed away, I was compelled to try to work through it in writing.  Most of it was venting, but a few ended up as completed pieces and were published online.

One of my favorites was this following villanelle which was published by Shadow Road Quarterly which, sadly, now appears defunct.  So, here it is for posterity.

The Life-Sized, Horizontal  (a villanelle)
Then, mythology could save us.  I meant
To lay him out in state as only sons can serve:
The life-sized, horizontal. As I dreamt
Distant Cancer, unwrapped caducei rent
Prometheus’s liver. Yet if demigods deserve,
Then mythology could save us. I meant
To understate the final moments spent
Drowning, eyelids flickering out each fire-worked nerve.
The life-sized, horizontal, as I dreamt
Him: stoic, statued, marble.  My intent
Was casting Telamon’s own death mask to observe.
Then, mythology could save us. I meant
To withdraw tubes for waste and nourishment;
Passages closed off in the still-life I’d conserve:
The life-sized, horizontal, as I dreamt.
But I am no statue’s son, so l lament
Man’s last catastrophe that leaves more to preserve
Than mythology could save us.  I mean
The life-sized.  Horizontal, as I dream.

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