“Kamtchotchke Roulette” – 300 Words

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A matryoshka nesting doll the size of a baby squats on the plastic tablecloth in center of Darya and Zoya’s kitchen table. The outside, at least, always has the same rough features – heavy brow, hooked nose, sarafan of coarse hair. Its painted eyes follow Darya’s hands as she picks up the sheep’s knucklebone, roughly […]

“Return Address” – 300 Words

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Dale woke as engines outside his trailer shook him like a rock in a tin can. Even wrapped beneath the blankets, the throbbing air and brilliant lights – brighter than a midnight sun – bludgeoned him. They were back. Eventually, finally, the aural and visual cacophony dissipated. It was up and away and then gone. […]

“Tsukumogami” – 155 words

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Beneath the Acolyte’s hands, the fenceposts squirm in happy recognition. Old granite, worn smooth by the brush of countless fives of fingertips that count them as a rosary down the path from the temple to the cemetery, they nuzzle against his palm. The Acolyte gazes upon the tombstones in the forest. Under his caress, the […]

“A Very Odd Story” – 150 words

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Hiking was Jeff’s idea. I wanted something cosmopolitan, but he kept complaining and it is -was?- his honeymoon, too. I guess. “It’s like that experiment with the monkeys typing Shakespeare-” What? Yes, I know it wasn’t a real experiment. I’m not stupid. I’m telling you what he said when he saw it. “There are hundreds […]

“Restoration” – 259 words

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The father and son stand in front of the rusted car, everything partially-buried in years of growth. Weeds reach up to their knees, their hips, the tires. Above them, primer-white splotches of clouds swirl through a denim-blue summer sky. “What’s the point?” The son kicks at a rusty wheelwell. Out of habit he looks for […]

Another Flashy Victory

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So, I’m rapidly becoming a big fan of these weekly flash fiction contests that a number of great blogs run.  For example, I highly recommend that you check out Flash Fiction Friday and Cara Michael’s Race the Date. These contests are weekly and go up on Fridays and Mondays, respectively. Anyway, not to brag or anything, […]