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## Gemma Files [^1] So, since I never bother to get around to doing theme updates, I’ve decided that this blog will be more catch-as-catch-can and I’ll update it more as stream-fo-conscious style.  I think there is a perpetual war between quality and quantity, but since quality never even showed up to this knife-fight, I’m […]

Norman Partridge

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So I thought I would write a review of some of the short horror that I’ve been reading. The first is Norman Partridge’s “Lesser Demons.”  I read it in Ellen Datlow’s compendium “Best Hoprror Vol. 3” but it’s also collected in Lear’s own book “lesser Demons.”  While I intend to get more into Datlow’s books […]

Review of “Aubade” by Philip Larkin

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# “Aubade” by Philip Larkin The full text of the poem is available [here]. Philip Larkin is, maybe, an acquired taste. It helps if you think a lot about death. My father died a week before my birthday in April 2011. He also liked to quote Larkin (and when he did [this be the verse]( […]


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I will contact you by mail In the winters of the years With Envelopes enough that you Can thatch your broken house With paper. Will you, I wonder, Open these at once? And if you don’t, What will be done? Will you leave them sealed, An extra insulation from Several pages Folded thrice To keep […]