ROOKFIELD (novella) – October 15, 2021
Written and set during the pandemic, ROOKFIELD follows not-so-attentive father Cabot Howard as he tracks down his ex-wife and their son to the titular town after they flee their city home to avoid the plague. Once in Rookfield, however, Cabot finds that he isn’t particularly welcome, and that the residents there take masking very, very seriously …

AND IN HER SMILE, THE WORLD (novella co-written with Rebecca J. Allred) – February 11, 2022
This work of dark fantasy follows Serena and Jeffery, who independently discover a cult of women and an alternate creation myth. When a not-so-chance meeting brings them together, the two have an important decision to make. It also highlights a few of the dangers attendant with telling women to smile …


My debut fiction collection AS SUMMER’S MASK SLIPS AND OTHER DISRUPTIONS has a starred review at Publishers Weekly!

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Publishers Weekly – **Starred Review**

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Clint Smith – “A Celebration of the Unsettling: Gordon B. White’s Debut Collection: As Summer’s Mask Slips and Other Disruptions”

Sara Read at RAVE Reads – “In these fifteen stories, Gordon expertly blends classic horror and dread with something more subtle and uncanny, with characters drawn so richly that they’ll pull you in, then drip you into the pit of heartache.”