New poem up at Sein Und Werden!

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I have another poem up today at this quarter’s issue of Sein Und Werden. You can see it here! Sein Und Werden’s theme this time around is “Exquisite Corpse,” and from the looks of it this issue’s contributors have fully mined that fertile vein. My own poem is from an ongoing project of mine called […]


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“What’s the moral of the story?  Well, when it comes to making a movie, it takes a village. “A village full of perverts, blowhards, drunks, floozies, violence, death, over-crowding, budget cuts. “A village full of jerks and idiots, each and every one doing their level best to corrupt and twist your vision until one night […]

New poem up at Shadow Road Quarterly!

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I have another poem published over at [Shadow Road Quarterly]!  It’s called ‘The Life-Sized, Horizontal” and it’s a villanelle. When you think of villanelles, you probably think of Dylan Thomas’s “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” (almost certainly the most famous villanelle ever), but my personal favorite is [“Elephants” by Jack Gilbert.”]  Villanelles […]

First publication!!!

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So, it only took submitting the oems to 3 different markets and getting rejected over 30 times (total), but my first poems have been published online at [here at Danse Macabre] Its a great feeling, and getting that acceptance (back a few weeks ago) really inspired me to keep going. Nothing feels better than an […]