Recovery by Adam Aresty, from Kraken Press

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Recently I was fortunate enough to win an e-book copy of Adam Aresty’s novella “Recovery” from the good people at Kraken Press. It’s a brief but enjoyable read. I think the less you know about the details of the plot before you read it, the better. It will suffice to say that this is a […]

“Worse Than Myself” by Adam Golaski, or books aren’t songs, are they?

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###A Lengthy Pre-Digression### One of the other books I’ve been reading recently is David Byrne’s “How Music Works.”  While its all generally interesting, I really enjoy reading the odd specifics of how artists create, so I found the sections about recording fascinating.  In particular, there’s a part about how Byrne developed a process for writing […]

More People I’d Like to Read More of:

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## Gemma Files [^1] So, since I never bother to get around to doing theme updates, I’ve decided that this blog will be more catch-as-catch-can and I’ll update it more as stream-fo-conscious style.  I think there is a perpetual war between quality and quantity, but since quality never even showed up to this knife-fight, I’m […]