Below are links to some of my short prose fiction, which predominantly tend towards horror and the Weird. Don’t worry, though, there are also some less dark SF/F stories. Stories available in AUDIO or free ONLINE versions are indicated as such. Enjoy, and feel free to comment below.

2019 (forthcoming)

  • “Birds of Passage” in TWICE-TOLD: A COLLECTION OF DOUBLES.
  • “A Song Like Laughter” in Tales from Canyons of the Damned (forthcoming 2019)
  • “Eight Affirmations for the Revolting Body, Confiscated from the Prisoners of Bunk 17” at Not One of Us (forthcoming 2019).
  • “We Eat Dirt and Sleep and Wait” as audio podcast at Tales to Terrify (2019 TBD).





  • (ONLINE) “So, the Earth Wakes Up in a Bathtub” at Punchnel’s  (a geo-noir hybrid)
  • “Roots and Seeds and Foreign Soil” at
  • “The Sputtering Wick of the Stars” at Halloween Forevermore.
  • “The Albatrossity Exhibition: or, Why I Want to Fuck the Ancient Mariner” in MILKFIST No. 1



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